Privacy Anti Spy Tempered Glass | Samsung | Apple Devices

Privacy Anti Spy Tempered Glass | Samsung | Apple Devices


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Full Coverage Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Protect your confidentiality where you need to most, be it on an airplane, city street or local coffeehouse and finally feel free to work in peace.

Stop screen hackers. The 2-Way privacy screen provides a 60° field of view directly in front of your screen to effectively block the view of those beside you while striking the perfect balance between blacked out privacy viewing and daytime clarity.

  • Ion-exchange toughened glass shields your screen from bumps, nicks, mishaps and your everyday day abuse while remaining flawless
  • Even if you’re clumsy, the added glass will absorb the impact from a drop and break so your phone doesn’t have to suffer
  • Extra oleophobic coating on the silky smooth surface makes wiping smudges effortless
  • Your screen’s touch, brilliance and definition will be unaffected
  • Comes in lustrous colors to subtly complement your phone’s styling
  • Don’t worry, your screen will fully sense your touch
  • Installation is a snap – simply align and watch it do the rest
  • End result? Sharp looks, Smooth feel, Impenetrable protection.


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